Monday, June 24, 2013

I absolutely love having pretty nails, for sure most women do! Having my nails done makes me feel feminine and I also have fun here thoroughly. What I would not enjoy a great deal could be the hefty prices that come together with a vacation to the nail salon. Whether it be to get a manicure or having some funky patterns put onto my nails, it always seems to generate a huge dent to my bank balance. My trips for the salon dwindled for this reason so much that I only visited once or twice 12 months. Which is the reason, when I discovered konad nail art kit while web surfing, I became very excited. I discovered an arena of nail art and design that some know existed with konad. Upon researching konad and taking a look at them online, they have everything! To simple nail polishes, jewels and even all the ingredients I would have to do my personal manicure within the convenience my own, personal home. As a person who loves having unusual patterns on my small nails, I made a decision to buy the stamping nail art kit. It was very affordable as well as the ads claimed that it could be utilized again and again. I had been somewhat dubious before it arrived, could I truly get salon results at a fraction of the charge? I'm not an especially artist person I really worried that we would are not prepared to make use of the Konad Nail Art Kit properly.

The nail set arrived promptly in a tiny and neat box which held all the items which are necessary. It was not as difficult as I thought it could be to utilize the kit and 'stamps' onto my nails. After a couple of times, i acquired almost perfect results. I had been most pleased the nail polish was of a top quality as well as the patterns on the stamps were precisely what I was after. The konad nail art kit had a tremendous 28 designs. That is enough for everyone, in case it isn't then more stamps, nail polishes and also other items can be bought. I had been overjoyed when I got numerous compliments on my small nails from friends, who have been most astounded when I said excitedly that we done them myself. I explained about konad and so they too are proud those who own a number of the products. The only downside observed for the stamping kit, is once you employ the polish the stamp should be applied quickly due to the polish drying upright. This really is achievable however, I would recommend using a few practice runs that ought to give you all the pointers that you need.

After finding konad, I will probably never go to a salon again, simply because I don't really need to! We've and will always recommend the product or service to folks that we meet. Once my kit ends, I am buying other products through the company and I’m super excited to find out what else they should offer.

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